Ed Sheeran is releasing new music on Friday, and it is time to freak out

It looks like we’re going to start 2017 off right — or, at least we’ll be starting it off right come Friday when Ed Sheeran drops new music on the world. We are ready. 

It’s been a long time since we last heard from the red-head crooner, whether via music or even social media. After releasing his second album, (you’re supposed to call it “multiply“) he traveled the world, hung out with BFF Taylor Swift a lot, and then he decided he needed a breather. Last time we actually heard from him it was the very end of 2015, and he had decided to take a long break from, well, everything. He posted a note to Instagram, and we were like “TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU  NEED, ED.”

But we were also secretly like, “okay, but can you start making new music soon, too?”

It appears as if the long wait for more Ed Sheeran music is finally over. In early December, suddenly all his social media handles got a suspicious blue makeover. Early on New Year’s Day, our hopes and dreams were confirmed: New music is coming.

Also, digging your new glasses, Ed.

That’s unfortunately all the information we have to go on right now. We’ll be getting new songs on FRIDAY, a mere FIVE DAYS AWAY, and they’re probably going to have something to do with the color blue. Or Ed just really likes this shade of blue, and yes, it is very pretty. We’re so ready to see what he’s been up to.