Ed Sheeran says he will never send a woman a naughty pic, and his reason is both hilarious and lovely

If you were looking for another honorary husband to add to your own personal pantheon, Ed Sheeran recently sat down with ET Canada and revealed his true feelings about sending dirty pictures or texts and it’s the sweetest, most considerate thing we’ve ever heard a guy say about dirty texts. Not to say that if you enjoy getting or sending ~naughty pics~ there’s anything wrong with that — we’re totally here to support you do you. There is, however, a rampant problem in the world with women receiving unsolicited pictures of certain…things.

When asked if he sends dirty pictures, Ed Sheeran said no, and that he’s not interested in them at all. Which, frankly, is a new perspective from a man in a world where the immediate response to finding a woman on a dating app seems to be, “nudes?”

"No, I don't believe in that. I think you should just see someone and be intimate in that way."

So Ed Sheeran likes his intimacy to be real, rather than virtual, and we kinda love it. But definitely the best part of the interview is when he addresses those unsolicited photos and shows that he doesn’t just write super romantic songs — he GETS women.

"Honestly, you as a girl, when has a girl ever been sent a dick pic and been like 'ooh, yeah, that looks great,'" he joked to ET Canada.

Um…yeah, that’s 100% accurate. But wait, we’re not done talking about how great Ed Sheeran is in this interview — when the interviewer calls him sweet for his views, he’s just like, “No, I’m normal.” BE STILL OUR HEARTS. Check out the full interview below, and get ready to smile like an idiot at how cute he is.


Like, SO cute. We’re overwhelmed.