Ed Sheeran and his lion tattoo are toying with our emotions

Ed Sheeran has taken us on a full emotional roller coaster with this giant chest tattoo of a lion, REAL or NOT REAL?

We finally have a definitive answer: IT’S REAL PEOPLE. Let’s talk about this.

A few weeks ago, Sheeran shared with the world that he had gotten a giant lion tattoo on his chest. It was a tattoo departure for the singer, seeing as how all of his other tattoos are scattered across his arms in two very impressive sleeves. But this lion tattoo was different, and held a special meaning. Sheeran got it to commemorate his string of sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London this past summer. Wembley is home to the English National Team, and their mascot happens to be a lion, so SURE that makes sense.

We were all like, you do you, Ed! If you want a giant lion tattoo, GO FOR IT! I mean, if Sheeran’s mate, Harry Styles can rock a butterfly tattoo, why can’t Sheeran rock a lion?

The lion tattoo in question is this one:

THEN this pic was grammed, once again showing his chest, but this time it was completely free and void of any sort of giant, colorful lion tattoo. Caption for the image? “Was only joking about the lion.”

WELL, then he came back with this telling pic that finally solved all of the lion tattoo questions . . . or so we hope.

Man, oh man, Ed!

Sheeran just started shooting the new FX show The Bastard Executioner, and it makes sense that the giant lion tattoo didn’t have a place in the show’s medieval world.

So I guess now we know what’s up with Ed Sheeran and his tattoos. That was a lot of whiplash, Ed!

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