Ed Sheeran just got even sweeter (literally)

Ed Sheeran doesn’t need expensive clothes, or fast cars, or even lots of bling bling to feel like a rock start. He just needs ice cream.

One of our favorite singers — who’s known for doing amazing things — just had an amazing thing happen. Sheeran got an ice cream treat named after him. Really! For his performance in Dublin, Ireland, local ice cream manufacturer, HB Ice Cream, redesigned one of its ice cream sandwiches in Sheeran’s likeness. Say goodbye to the boring, old gingerbread ice cream sandwich, and say hello to the much sweeter Ginger-Ed ice cream sandwich.

Get it? Gingerbread? Ginger-Ed? And Ed’s a ginger? So cute, and probably so delicious, too. He captioned his Instagram picture, “You know you’ve made it when…” and that’s true. Not everyone has an ice cream treat named after them.

This treat doesn’t just have to be a cute play on words, either. Last month, Sheeran actually launched his own record label called “Gingerbread.” Really. He’s looking to sign people, just like him, “who came through the singer-songwriter scene.” The first artist to sign with Gingerbread so far is Jamie Lawson. As Sheeran explained in one of his fan-club emails, Lawson’s first single, “Wasn’t Expecting That,” is “the only song that’s ever made [Sheeran] cry when listening to it.” Yeah, we dig it.

Also Sheeran’s been known to dress up as a gingerbread man on occasion, so this is in fact a running trend. While we can’t go rush out and buy the Ginger-Ed treat in the store, seeing as it was a one-off thing, we can still enjoy everything else Sheeran does with gingerbread. New record labels, giant Gingerbread Man costumes, all of them are equally sweet. (Images via Instagram.)