Ed Sheeran has officially deleted his Twitter account

After stating that he was done with the social media site, he truly made it official. Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account shortly after his much-anticipated Game of Thrones cameo. While he originally stated that he wouldn’t participate or read trollish comments, he must have realized that getting rid of his account would solve the issues he was having.

Fans of Game of Thrones were a bit harsh on the musician after his brief moment during the seventh season premiere, and many believe that the jokes were what caused Sheeran to delete his account. Sheeran has, as of now, stayed quiet on what motivated him to say goodbye.

The good news is that his Instagram account is still quite active. In fact, he just posted this gorgeous photo from Peru.

He also announced through Instagram that he’ll soon be adding to his resume by appearing on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

In it, he clarifies that his plotline will focus around Lisa — since she’s also a budding musician, we’re sure it’ll be a good one.

While the Twitter news may be shocking, it’s important to remember that Sheeran isn’t all that attached to social media. In fact, before he released his album Divide, he had taken a break from the internet for about a year.

In that explanation, he said that he was seeing the world from a screen and not his own eyes, which is the perfect reason ever to ditch technology for a bit.

No matter what, we’ll be supporting Ed Sheeran — regardless of whether or not he chooses to revive his account.

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