Ed Sheeran is totally adorkable — he geeked out over his ‘Game of Thrones’ birthday present

You’ve probably heard the whispers over the past few days (they’ve been pretty hard to avoid): Game of Thrones is returningThe fifth season of HBO’s critically-acclaimed and wildly-popular series is coming back to our TVs this Sunday — and no one is more excited than Ed Sheeran.

On April 9, Ed co-hosted on The Hits, a New Zealand radio station, with Polly and Grant. They discussed a lot of things, like his relationship status and his best friendship with Taylor Swift, but things took a turn for the nerd-tastic when they told him that they’d gotten him a present. Just watch the video to see Ed completely geek out. It’s adorable.

That’s right. It’s a full scale replica of Jon Snow’s sword (affectionally known as “Longclaw”) from GoT. Ed reacts pretty much how all good geeks would: At first speechless, then uncontrollable flailing and squealing. With a little bit of help, (it’s a big sword, after all) he immediately tears into the box, and holds Longclaw proudly for everyone to see. Ed quietly explains that he didn’t get a lot of birthday presents, so this comes as the best late birthday present ever. He even says he’ll get Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the series, to sign it!

My advice? Safely stow that in your luggage, Ed. “Winter is coming” probably pass as a good excuse at customs!

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first sword that Ed’s gotten as a present. In 2013, Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, gifted Ed with a sword that was actually used in the the Hobbit movies! Word on the street has it that he once came close to accidentally hurting Taylor Swift with it when they were on a flight to Nashville (yikes!). With great swords comes great responsibility, and we hope that now Ed can learn from Jon Snow, and handle his swords with the care and caution of any respectable brother of the Night’s Watch!

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