Literally everything Ed Sheeran did in his appearance on “Game of Thrones”

Unless you happened to be in exile in Braavos, chances are you heard that a moderately famous singer-songwriter by the name of Ed Sheeran would be gracing TV screens during the seventh season of Game of Thrones. Well friends, last night Sheeran made his GoT debut (and likely last appearance) as a Lannister soldier who encounters Arya in the Riverlands.

Sheeran’s five-minute cameo wasn’t *just* another celebrity cameo. It was a special gift for Maisie Williams — a massive Sheeran fan. For years, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had been trying to get the “Thinking Out Loud” singer on the show, but to no avail (due to Sheeran’s busy tour schedule). Luckily, last year, he took a break from touring and was finally able to make his long-awaited appearance.

Here is everything Ed did during his five minutes on GoT:

The serious, and not so serious.

1He sang.

Did you really think Ed Sheeran was going to appear on Game of Thrones and *not* sing? And not only did he sing, he sang a plot-moving song.

Ed sang a “new” song, “Hands of Gold,” which has significant meaning within the A Song of Ice and Fire universe. In the books, it’s a song written by Symon Silver Tongue about Tyrion’s affair with Shae and was something Tyrion thought about as he kills Shae with a gold necklace.

But Shae’s been dead for a few seasons now, so now it’s being speculated that the song is about a *different* Lannister: Jaime, who has an actual hand of gold. The internet has long been speculating that Jaime will be the one to kill Cersei and this song is seen as more proof.

Long story short: Don’t write this off *just* because it’s a celeb cameo. And now, back to our glorious list.

2He scooted over to make room for Arya.

What a gent!

3He chuckled briefly

Lannister soldier Ed has a fantastic sense of humor.

4He doesn’t like King’s Landing.

“Worst place in the world,” he said of King’s Landing.

5He passed Arya a roasted woodland creature.

Sharing is caring, even in Westeros.

6He chuckled, AGAIN.

Always down for a good laugh in the woods — and boy, same.

7He passed Arya some blackberry wine and then shared a laugh with her when she was like “WTF is this?”

BFFs in the making.

8For a second, he ponders whether Arya is actually going to try and kill Cersei…

Say what now?

9…And then laughs it off.

That’s crazy talk…or is it?

10 He survives (maybe).

It seems Lannister soldier Ed Sheeran and the rest of the soldiers did not meet the wrath of Arya Stark. Honestly though, the kid who made the wine *totally* carried this scene so I’d feel fleeting sympathy if they did.

There’s always next week to find out if the Lannister soldiers made it out of the woods!

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