This Ed Sheeran fan lived out all of our dreams

Sydney Bourbeau recently performed at her school’s fundraiser at the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. The 13-year-old sang Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” and it happened to catch the attention of one very special person at the mall, Ed Sheeran. Hearing his song, Sheeran decided to do the best thing ever: he jumped on stage and sang with Sydney.

So, not only does Sheeran take the time to sing with Taylor Swift, and Kermit the Frog, he also likes to do impromptu performances with fans. Ed, you’re the best. And don’t worry, there’s a video of the whole thing so Sydney can live out this moment forever and ever, and we can live it out with her.

In the video, captured by Sheeran’s cousin, Murray Cummings, he wonders how he should surprise Sydney on stage, and decides it will be best to just “roll up.” As soon as he turns the corner, a few people in Sydney’s audience begin freaking out, naturally. Sydney freaks out a little bit, too, but she’s an all-star performer and she never breaks away from the song.

The two duet for the remainder of “Thinking Out Loud,” and sound amazing. Sydney later told the Edmonton Journal that she didn’t know if she should stop singing, but she didn’t want to. Then added, “This is, like, the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” It still got better for her, though, because Sheeran then invited her to his concert in Edmonton.

You can watch the whole incredible video below. Who knows when and where Sheeran will surprise a fan next.

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