Is Ed Sheeran engaged? Russell Crowe seems to think so

Professional troublemaker and global superstar Ed Sheeran could be engaged…well, according to Russell Crowe, anyways.

Ed, who is currently touring the world with his latest album ÷, has spoken about how he keeps out of trouble while he’s touring, as it seems that he has enough anecdotes about either hitting Justin Bieber with a golf club or being cut by swords that when/if he writes a book we know it’ll make one entertaining read.

In fact, one of the ways that Ed relaxes while on tour is by hanging out at his friend Russell Crowe’s house. The pair have been friends for a while (we know, right? Amazing), and actually really enjoying going out and drinking together.

Well, Russell Crowe has opened up about how he and Ed Sheeran became friends, and he may have accidentally let slip some personal news of Ed’s.

Speaking to Australian radio DJs Fitzy and Wippa during a Facebook Live event, Russell said that his pal Ed had been feeling a bit rundown the last time he was in tour in Australia.

“[Ed] was on tour here and he was getting a bit burned out so he came up and stayed at the farm for a couple of days to get some sleep and then we became conversational mates,” Russell said.

He then let slip something else…

"He has subsequently gone back to the farm with his fiancee for more time."

Could Ed Sheeran have become engaged?

Tbh, we wouldn’t be too surprised. The singer has been dating his partner Cherry Seaborn for AGES, and he has previous spoken about how, at some point, he wants to take time out to start a family with her. In fact, the pair actually had their first date at Taylor Swift’s legendary Fourth of July party (even though they’ve known each other since they were kids).

“This has been the first time I’ve ever actually had the time to fall in love properly,” Ed told Beats 1’s Zane Lowe about falling for Cherry.

Given how we know that Ed and Cherry are pretty private, the pair could have totally become engaged and we would be none-the-wiser — and we totally respect that. But if they *have* then we’re sending them all our congratulations, and we hope that Ed isn’t too annoyed with Russell for potentially spilling the beans.

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