What happened when Ed Sheeran told everyone he was engaged on Insta

Ed Sheeran is a bit of a practical jokster. A few recent times we saw this side of him include that time he got a giant lion tattoo, and then pretended he didn’t get a giant lion tattoo, and that ordeal went on for like a week. There’s also that one time he crashed Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party dressed in a Red Coat from the American Revolution. Along with those, he surprises fans, cracks a lot of jokes, and always mugs for the camera. Now, he’s pretending that he’s engaged.

For someone who loves Sheeran very deeply, this is not funny. (JK, it is)

It’s especially not funny when it’s an Instagram picture that is also linked to his Twitter account, so the only text a Sheeran follower can see reads: “We would like to announce our engagement.” That could mean any number of things, but it probably means marriage. So then you click around furiously and curse Instagram because it’s not loading quickly enough and you need to see who Sheeran has proposed to. Not that this is a real situation that happened to me a few days ago.

But anyway, don’t worry, fellow Sheerios. It was all a joke that he and musician James Blunt where clearly in on together. Both attended Australia’s Aria Awards this past week, and met up on the red carpet, where they held hands momentarily. During the award show, the two even met up on stage, too, further continuing the joke.

For the record, Sheeran is not engaged, so don’t believe the rumors. It’s just another one of his jokes, and knowing him it could continue on for a little while longer. So while this plays out, many happy congrats to the new couple! They’re going to make beautiful music together.

(Image via Shutterstock.)