The best Britney Spears cover you’ll hear today—courtesy of Ed Sheeran and Zach Braff

You love Britney Spears, I love Britney Spears, and Ed Sheeran loves Britney Spears, too. It seems that whenever Sheeran needs a go-to song to strum on his guitar he turns to 1999’s, “…Baby One More Time.” Last night, in one of the strangest and best spur of the moment sing-a-longs, he once again broke out Ms. Spears’ classic, and wasn’t just joined by one amazing backup singer, but two. Oh, and Zach Braff.

Last night, NBC aired a live episode of Undateable, and Sheeran stopped by to sing at the show’s open (he actually sang twice during the live-show for the West Coast). After the show, he, along with cast member Bridgit Mendler (who you might know best from Good Luck Chuck) and guest-star Victoria Justice (Of Victorious and Eye Candy) joined Sheeran in singing “…Baby One More Time” and now we’re hoping this happens all the time.

If that’s not enough, Braff’s the camera man — and his BFF, Donald Faison is hidden behind him—  and Scandal‘s Scott Foley (or as he’s called multiple times on Undateable, TV’s Scott Foley) is hanging out with this crew, too. Is this the best jam session we weren’t invited to or what?

I don’t want to go so far as to say this is the best acoustic cover of  “…Baby One More time” ever, but OK, OK, fine, it’s the best acoustic cover of “…Baby One More Time” ever. Check it out below.

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