Ed Sheeran is starting a boy band and, well, OKAY!

Boy bands were all the rage in the ’90s. And thanks to groups like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, the boy band rage came back strong in recent years (but RIP 1D). Well, fear not, boy band lovers. Ed Sheeran wants to start a boy band, and we’re pretty sure he’s serious.

If anyone can turn individually talented boys into a GROUP of talented boys, it’s definitely Sheeran. You know, considering every song he touches turns to pure gold.

During an appearance on the Today Show on Wednesday, Sheeran revealed his master plans. “I have a bunch of songs that I think are really good boy-band pop songs,” Sheeran said. “And then I was like, ‘I should just put one together.’

He makes it sound so easy!

He already has the songs, he just needs the guys to make his boy band dream come true. But if you’re wondering why Sheeran can’t just sing the songs himself, you’re not alone in your thoughts. We had the same question. As it turns out, they’re just too poppy for him.

"They're pop, pop, pop songs," he said. "Like there's one called 'South of the Border' that's a bit funky."

Sheeran is totally ready to share the spotlight with his future protégés, and quite possibly will invite them (the group that doesn’t exist yet) to hit the road with him on his next tour.

“I have a big platform, which is this tour that’s coming up this year and next year,” he explained. “I have the songs, and we’ve been given a record label by Warner. So I just have an infrastructure to do something quite cool. And do it my way.”

Check out Sheeran’s interview:


It all sounds pretty amazing. We can’t help but imagine four red-headed, Sheeran look-alikes becoming the new 1D. Pretty sure that won’t happen (at least not the look-alike part), but we can dream.