Ed Sheeran just covered one of his best songs in Gaelic

Be still our Outlander-loving hearts. Ed Sheeran, already about as swoonworthy as a singer-songwriter can possibly be, has just covered one of his biggest hits in Gaelic and we are positively melting.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gaelic, it’s the official language of Ireland and has been around as long as the country itself. And as much as we adore Jamie Fraser, Irish Gaelic is a bit different than Scottish Gaelic. So if you happen to touch a standing stone, travel through time and play the following video for your kilted Highlander lover, he might not understand exactly what Ed Sheeran is saying. But we’re sure he’ll love it anyway, because it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The Gaelic cover came about as part of the Irish radio platform RTE 2fm‘s upcoming Irish language compilation CD, CEOL 2016 le hEoghan McDermott. Not only is Sheeran’s Gaelic cover unbelievably lovely, it’s also pretty important. Irish Gaelic is somewhat of a dying language. Even though it’s listed as the official language of Ireland and 25% of its residents claim to be fluent, language experts estimate that only about 3% of the Irish people are actually fluent in Gaelic.

Which only makes us love this song even more. Have a listen. Tá grá again duit, Ed Sheeran! (That means we love you, in case you were wondering.)