This video of Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie low-key jamming in a dressing room is everything

We love a good unexpected collab. So Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie jamming to “Ciao Adios” in a dressing room is obviously making our day.

Anne-Marie, known for her hit “Rockabye” with Sean Paul, is joining Ed on his European tour, and  they stripped down one of her songs in a quiet moment backstage. Needless to say, it’s gorgeous.

Anne-Marie released a video of the talented duo hanging out in a dressing room, with Ed on guitar, and we’re gonna need a joint album between these two. The good news is, Anne-Marie revealed a collaboration is on the way, so fans hopefully won’t have to wait too long.

According to People, the singers filmed the video before taking the stage in Newcastle, England, late last month.

“Ciao Adios” is a high-energy breakup anthem, and this new version is a gorgeously low-key spin on the original. Based on this jam session alone, we think these two could make truly beautiful music together. Thankfully, it seems like this is already in the works, based on a radio interview Anne-Marie gave recently.

Anne-Marie reportedly told the UK. Signal Radio’s Total Access show that they’ve already written a duet together.

She didn’t reveal too much about the collaboration, but said, “It’s obviously just a good song because he is involved in it. When I went to do this song with him, that’s when I just truly saw the genius.”

We’ll just be patiently hanging over here, listening to the new version of “Ciao Adios” while we wait, guys.