Feels alert: Ed Sheeran and Kermit sing ‘Rainbow Connection’

There’s only one one emotional reaction for when you meet a Muppet: pure joy. That’s what Ed Sheeran appears to be feeling as he not only gets to meet a Muppet, and sit next to a Muppet, but then sing with a Muppet. And not just any Muppet, either, but Kermit the Frog. The voltage from the smile plastered across Sheeran’s face could probably light a small city. It’s impossible not to smile yourself listening to the two sing.

This magical moment happened during NBC’s Red Nose Day telethon, which aims to raise money for children living in poverty by “having fun and making people laugh” — thus the red nose. Sheeran and Kermit don’t just make us laugh, they play on our heartstrings like a banjo when they start singing Kermit’s signature emo song, “Rainbow Connection.”

Sheeran starts off by urging us to donate to the Red Nose cause, and then mentions that it’s really important to Kermit because he’s not allowed back in the swamp unless they raise enough money — “lot of green” as Kermit points out. Kermit’s also got a fun nickname for Sheeran, “Ed the Sheeran.” I can’t get over the fact that these two are now best friends—I hope they take their show on the road.


Image via here.