Ebonee Davis offers advice for young models, and it’s actually really amazing advice for girls everywhere

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, model and activist Ebonee Davis proves once again that she deserves to be among our faves. We fell in love with her when she wrote an open letter linking the fashion industry, racism, and police brutality (yeah, it was a seriously *incredible* letter), and again that time she Twitter-bonded with Chrissy Teigen about the necessity of using your platform to raise awareness of important issues.

Now, we're even more in love, because she just offered AMAZING advice for girls and women everywhere.

Ebonee Davis found fame on America’s Next Top Model, after which she landed gigs with Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, L’Oréal, and more. She’s got a lot of experience dealing with everything from critique to straight up negative feedback, and she’s learned to build boundaries in a way that’s *so* important not just for models, but for all of us.


When asked what advice she has for new girls in the modeling industry, Davis said,

"Don't allow others' expectations of who you should be control you."

Like, yes, lady! This is seriously fantastic advice not just for models, but for girls, women, really *anyone* in any industry. We’re here for it.


"Be your most authentic self," she elaborated, "because you're good enough just the way you are."

Sending MAJOR heart eyes to Ebonee Davis right now, because, seriously, don’t we all need to hear this every once in a while?

Plus, her tweets are loaded with great advice.


Like, yes! You go, girl. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

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