We teared up watching Ebola survivor Nina Pham reunite with her dog, Bentley

Something really special happened over the weekend.

Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was stricken with Ebola last month, was finally reunited with her dog, Bentley. It was an uplifting moment of recovery in an otherwise harrowing, dreadful health crisis that’s still claiming victims everyday.

Earlier in October, when a nurse’s assistant in Spain was diagnosed, health authorities in Madrid made the decision to euthanize her dog, Excalibur. But officials in Dallas chose to quarantine Bentley until they could determine whether or not he was infected with the deadly virus.

Bentley, a happy-go-lucky Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was placed in isolation and cared for by Dallas Animal Services, who regularly posted photos to their Facebook page of the dog eating, sleeping and playing ball with caretakers dressed in hazmat suits.

Pham was released from the hospital on October 28, but had to wait three more days until Bentley’s 21-day quarantine ended. This weekend, the pair finally got to see each other again and it was really sweet.

Grab some tissues and watch their touching reunion here:


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