Huh, so *this* is what eating 10,000 calories worth of McDonald’s looks like

We just got a peak at what eating 10,000 calories of McDonald’s looks like, and we’re amazed. Super-eater (yep…there’s a such thing) and YouTube sensation Yuka Kinoshita laid all of our overeating guilt trips to rest with her latest video. So, good ahead and grab those seconds, thirds and fourths without shame, guys!

The tiny woman elegantly scarfed down her weight’s worth of Japanese Micky D’s treats, including: five Big Macs, ten dark chocolate pies, ten white chocolate pies, three tiramisu McFlurries, three large fries and three large cokes! And, spoiler alert, she totally lived to tell the tale.

Watch Yuka devour he McDonald’s treats in the viral video, below!

Mind. Blown.

We have to admit, our stomachs totally hurt after watching Yuka in action. The real question is…how in the hell did she make room for everything?!

On the other hand, Japanese McDonald’s food looks a lot…well, lighter than that of the American menu. We can almost bet that we wouldn’t have to eat half of what she sate to meet the 10,000 calorie quota. But hey, we’ll take any guilt-free reassurance we can get when it comes to stuffing our faces this season.

Dig those stretchy jeans up out the back of your closets, because you’ll definitely need them!