6 easy pranks for April Fools’ Day that anyone can pull off

April Fools’ Day is coming up, which is basically the most-loved holiday for all jokesters and class clowns across the country. With April 1st just days away, now is the perfect time to think about which easy pranks you’ll pull on your friends and family this year. Pulling off the perfect April Fools‘ joke requires creativity, timing, precision, and the ability to keep a secret.

Maybe you’re still stuck for which clever hoax to play, or maybe you don’t consider yourself much of a prankster but still want in on the action. Whatever the case, we got you. We came up with a list of easy pranks that anyone can pull off. They’re not only super affordable, but they’re family-friendly, too. Because life is always better when you’re laughing!

1. Change the clocks

If you thought Daylights Saving Time was annoying, this is next-level. It’s time to spring backwards. Set the clocks in your home back by one hour, including the clocks on everyone’s phones. Your partner, family members, or roomies will find themselves even more exhausted than usual in the morning, since they’ll be waking up way early. At least they can go back to bed when you tell them what’s up!

2. Swap the sugar for salt

This is a classic easy prank. Swap the sugar for salt and vice versa. Then watch your roomie spit out her “salty” morning coffee and toss her “sugary” french fries. MUAHAHA.

3. Create a beach sinkhole

If you’re headed out on vacation and will be at the beach on April 1st, then this is a nifty lil’ trick. No doubt your friend will lay out her towel to sunbathe. Once she leaves to grab a drink, pick up the towel and quickly dig a hole. If you’re feeling extra punchy you might want to fill the hole with some ocean water. Then cover the hole up with her towel. When she comes back, she’ll fall right into the sinkhole.

4. Cheesy orange juice

Does your mom love her OJ in the morning? Spice things up by filling up her orange juice jug with instant mac ‘n cheese powder and water. Don’t forget to store the juice somewhere safe, though, or she’ll really lose it on you!

5. Create some sticky soap

Swap out the liquid soap in your bathroom with (non-toxic and washable) glue. Then sit back and watch everyone “wash” their hands.

6. Put clear nail polish on the soap

This is an oldie easy prank, but still a goodie. Get a bar of soap and cover it with clear nail polish, which basically makes it waterproof. You’ll have a hard time not cracking up when your roomie becomes super frustrated when the soap refuses to lather.

Have fun, but don’t forget that what goes around, comes around. You might want to check your salt shaker for the next week.