Easy pixie upgrades that will make you the ultimate short haired It-Girl

I’ve been obsessed with short hair since I was a wee little teenage Olivia. This is actually the first time in about 15-years that I’ve had hair slightly longer than chin-length, and I’m fighting the urge almost everyday to cut it super-short again! My guess is that after this, I’ll be running to the nearest salon to get my signature messy pixie back! Here are a few ways to upgrade an already super chic short cut.

A fun, vibrant purple adds even more sass to a short cut!

Ask for a cut that will allow you to style your hair multiple ways. Short hair doesn’t mean you’re confined to one style!

A fun shape shaved into one (or both) sides is edgy and allows you to switch up designs every few weeks once the hair grows back in.

Long curls on one side and an undercut will give you those girly-but-edgy vibes.

Or just straight up shave your head and get those Eleven vibes going!


Long, side swept bangs keep things fun and girly!

Bold, bright color and blunt baby bangs are an edgy combo to…DYE for.

Finally, an asymmetrical cut like this one will make you THE ultimate it-girl give everyone #hairenvy!