17 Easter memes that are funny enough to raise you from your death by chocolate

Lay out your Sunday best and stock up on those Cadbury Eggs — Easter Sunday is right around the corner. This year, Easter falls on April 1st (better known to all you pranksters out there as April Fool’s Day). What better way to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection and the funniest day of the year than by listing off some hilarious Easter memes? We think even Christ himself would LOL at the jokes below.

Whether you celebrate Easter in honor of Jesus’s resurrection after dying on Good Friday, or you recognize the holiday purely for the eggs and bunnies, both camps can appreciate some good Easter humor. The polarity of Easter symbolism alone is enough to cause a chuckle. The story of Christ and a giant bunny who gives out colored eggs have zero connection to one another, yet are celebrated synonymously on Easter. So, where’s the connect?

We most likely have the Germans to thank for the Easter bunny. German settlers in early 18th-century Pennsylvania brought over their fable of an egg-laying rabbit called “Osterhase,” according to History.com. And the eggs have roots in pagan tradition. Their symbolizing fertility and new life was connected to Jesus’s resurrection during the spread of Christianity. Decorating them became a thing during the 13th century when Christians were not allowed to eat eggs during Lent, so instead they decorated them.

Sure, some Easter traditions are weird. But that weirdness makes for great celebrations and even greater memes. Let’s dive into the hilarity.

1Jesus, you slick son of God.

2Mother Mary — chill with the curfews, will you?


4We thought you loved us.


6Jesus: The OG Mr. Brightside.


7We’re onto you, kiddos.

8Hope you’re comfy in that pew because you’re not going anywhere.

9Honestly, to us, bread and Christ are one in the same.

10Yeah. Likely story, Jesus!


12Huh. We must have missed that Bible story.


14*Echos* Some bunny!

15Ish going down in the group chat since day one.

16Encore! Encore!

17Okay, wait. We’ve been doing Easter wrong all this time.

Hoppy Easter! Save us a few jelly beans or chocolate eggs if you can.

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