This Is Low-Key The Easiest Way to Wash Your Crocs

Kick grimy Crocs to the curb with this too-easy cleaning hack.

The rubber footwear phenomenon known as Crocs can be oh-so-convenient for adults and kids alike. They are easy to slip on and off, waterproof, and don’t require socks (although trendy teens are rocking their Crocs with socks lately).

Plus, it’s fun to pick from all the different Crocs colors and prints (literally anything goes, from fried chicken to flamingos) and you can customize them with the brand’s popular adornments known as “Jibbitz,” which essentially “plug-in” the holes on the top of the shoe.

What can be tricky about the pricey clog (which can cost upwards of $55 or more) is figuring out how to clean them—especially after a day spent outside (or even just normal everyday use, depending on the color!). Not to mention, the funky smell.

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I’ve made the mistake of throwing Crocs in the washing machine. Even in a top-loader without the center drum, it bends the shoe, essentially making it unwearable. I’ve also tried scrubbing them in the bathtub or the sink with soap and water, which doesn’t seem to quite get off the grime or restore them to their original luster. And forget about those white ones my kids had to have!

But then, I saw something that blew my mind: a TikTok hack that went viral. Put your Crocs in the dishwasher!

Here’s how to wash your Crocs in the dishwasher:

  1. First, be sure to dust off any surface dirt.
  2. Then, you simply place the shoes on the rungs. I’ve found the top shelf to work well for me.
  3. Put in your detergent and hit the button (normal or quick wash cycle is fine!) and go.

Does It Actually Work?

I put two extra-filthy pairs in and put this to the test and—voila, it actually works!

Just so you know, the “official” statement from the brand (on its Twitter feed) on the matter advises against this method. “We recommended cleaning with a warm washcloth with only a mild detergent and then air dry. Please do not clean your Crocs shoes in the dishwasher or washing machine, as exposure to heat may cause the Croslite material to shrink.”

That said, it’s good to keep this in mind because super-hot water technically can cause the material to warp. Also, I’ve experienced some minor fading with those that have some sort of print on them, but it’s worth it in my opinion, to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Plus, if Helen Mirren has been doing it since 2015, it must be the right move.

Oh, and one last thing. I know this probably goes without saying, but it’s also best to avoid washing your dirty Crocs with your dishes as it can be unhygienic. Also, don’t try this method for Crocs that have fuzzy lining—they’re not waterproof.

Jené Luciani Sena
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