Easiest Raspberry Lemon Frozen Pops Ever

By Brandi Koskie for DietsInReview.com

Sing it with me … summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime

The fairest season of them all is finally here and we can hardly stand it. Memorial Day weekend made us feel like we got our feet wet and now we’re ready to embrace June 21 head on. That’s the official first day of summer in case you don’t keep the solstice calendar handy.

Other than the intoxicating smell of sunblock and lazy naps on the beach, we’d have to rank fresh berries as one of our favorite things of the season. They’re truly never more vibrant in color, juicier, or sweeter than they are during this peak time of year. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, we really don’t discriminate. But the one that has our heart the most, the one we’d trade all the others for, is the raspberry.

That little sun-ripened pink darling is so good it makes us forgive the teeny tiny seeds that never fail to lodge between our hardest-to-reach molars. It’s a bit of a give and take with this berry.

But in our new Raspberry Lemon Frozen Pops, the raspberry does all the giving and you’ll be more than ready to do all the taking. Tart, frozen, and creamy, it’s really everything you could ask for in a popsicle. It’s also about as simple as a homemade recipe gets.

Add a lemon Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, and a splash of coconut milk to a blender and puree until smooth. If you want a boozy beach treat, maybe swap the coconut milk for rum or tequila. If you’re keeping these a little kid friendly, then pour straight from the blender in to molds and freeze for at least four hours.

These pops will make you want to sing the praises of summertime all season long!

Raspberry Lemon Frozen Pops
makes 6;

77 calories each

6 oz. raspberries
10 oz. lemon greek yogurt
1/4 cup coconut milk

Blend together. Pour in popsicle molds. Freeze.

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Recipe by Brandi Koskie; Photos by Kacy Meinecke

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