These are 5 of the easiest holiday hair hacks around

December is here and it proves one thing: there’s NEVER enough time to get anything done, least of all your hair. And yet, it’s the one time of year most of want to put more time into our hair. In the midst of the holiday commotion, we’ve found some fun, hair ideas that take minimal effort, yes still look appropriately festive for the season.

Hair Charms: Confetti instantly turns anything into a party, even your hair. You can be a messy or as meticulous as you want with this particular effect. Ashley Tisdale recently sported the look (as seen in the photo above), courtesy of hair stylist Kristen Ess. Ess used individually applied confetti stars for this look, but if that’s a little out of your skill level, try Charmsies, which you can apply to your hair with a flat-iron. You can also just toss them into your hair and go for a scatter effect, then use a firm-hold hairspray to keep them in place.

Hairbands: Yes, hairbands and combs are easy and totally the lazy girl’s approach to this. You don’t even have to change your normal go-to hairstyle. That’s the beauty of it. The secret of it is to find one that’s less music festival-worthy and more merry. Slipping on a glitzy hair accessory looks like you put in way more effort than you did. You can find pretty ones for every budget and style (we’ve seen them everywhere from Nordstrom’s to Claire’s), and if you have somehow have time for a little DIY, you can even easily make one at home.

Gold Leaf: We’ve talked about gold leaf as hair art before, but it’s so versatile and inexpensive it deserves another shout-out. Some of the looks might seem a little overwhelming, but there are subtle ways to play with gold leaf. You can paint it along the part of your hair (where your scalp shows) or “dip” the tips of your bangs in it. On shorter hair styles, try vertically gilding a few strands of hair lengthwise, so it literally looks like some of your hair is made from gold. However you choose to use it, you can’t go wrong.

Temporary Hair Tattoos: Flash tattoos are available for your hair now, and they’re actually pretty cute – and perfect for the season. Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing them earlier this year, and she makes a great case for them. They’re available in silver and gold, and you apply them just like regular temporary tattoos. These work best on straight hair, but you can experiment with them no matter what your hair texture.

Festive Braids: Whether you’re a Game of Thrones-style master of braids or a beginner, you can easily step up your game by just adding ribbon. Basically, instead of using a section of your hair in the braid, add ribbon instead. You can try the candy-cane option above or just go for your every day Dutch braid. It’ll look good no matter what.

(Images via Instagram)