It’s now WAY easier to get amazing metallic hair color, even rose gold!

Celebrity hair colorist Guy Tang — and self-professed “Hair Activist” — has long been known for his incredibly artistic dye jobs.

From unicorn hair…

to northern lights hair…

to a classic ombré…

Guy’s done it all.

Now, he’s taking on a new hair trend to make it more accessible than it’s ever been before.

According to Teen Vogue, Guy’s teaming up with Kenra Professional to release a new line of metallic dyes.

The line is called the Kenra Color Guy Tang Metallics Collection, and it’s incredible.

Just look at this shine.

And this color!

Teen Vogue tells us that the color isn’t available in stores, but that you can find it at select salons — which means it’s easier to find than trying to score an appointment in West Hollywood with Guy himself.

The color is also meant for pre-lightened hair to bring hair a “blue or violet reflection,” plus it can be used to “add dimensional highlights, an overall cool steel finish, or added into other shades for a smokey look.”

Maintaining a look like this is a lot of work… but checking out Guy’s instagram, it’s hard to tell ourselves it wouldn’t be worth it.

You can check out even more of his haute hair looks on his YouTube channel.

BRB, we’ve got an appointment to make.

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