If you like zit-popping videos, you’ll want to watch these satisfyingly gross earwax extraction videos

You may have been raised to use a cotton swab to clean your ears after you get out of the shower. However, it’s not necessary, and can cause more harm than good, which we’ll get to in a moment. As a result, if you like zit-popping videos, you’ll want to watch these satisfyingly gross earwax extraction videos, as Teen Vogue reported. Yes, in the videos, the people featured took earwax to a whole new level. And yes, it may sound gross, but once you watch one, we bet you’ll want to watch more. And there are ~18~ to choose from, so…

Mark Vaughan, director of California’s Auburn Medical Group, is the doctor behind the earwax-extracting, according to Metro. What a job, right?!

Here’s an example of one of the videos…and why you may never use a Q-tip or cotton swab in your ear again after watching this! Warning: Don’t eat while you watch any of these, because you’ll def lose your appetite!


As you saw above, when Dr. Vaughan asks the patient, "Do you ever use Q-tips in your ears?" and the patient says yes, Dr. Vaughan replies, "It looks like the wax has been packed in deep in there by something small enough to get into the ear canal."

And so why are cotton swabs a big mistake for our ears?!

“You could end up pushing more wax deeper into the ear canal, Dr. Roshini Raj told Today. “More importantly, you could injure yourself.

Who knew?! Instead, if you ~really~ have the urge to clean out your ears, Dr. Raj has a solution — to wet a washcloth with warm water and gently put it in your ear with a finger. Problem solved!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s another video, all about good old-fashioned earwax irrigation.


As we mentioned, there are 18 videos total, so you still have 16 to go…

Even though the videos started being released in 2015, they’re making a comeback now. (Thank you?) And, like we said, though they may seem gross, they’re ~addictive~ and teach us a valuable lesson about thinking twice before we put cotton swabs into our ears! You’ve been warned!