You can now see what an earthquake looks like underwater in this scary video

As land-walking creatures, humans don’t often think about the scary things happening underwater. Ok, Sharks and super-venomous sea snakes, yes, but rarely natural phenomena like earthquakes and volcanoes. But those things are happening all the time! And thanks to technology, you can now see what an earthquake looks like underwater in this scary video!

A Philippines Coast Guard member, Jan Paul Rodriguez, was swimming around when his camera captured the footage. We learned that he was caught in between two tectonic plates, the perfect breeding ground for earthquakes. The result is a super creepy video, furthermore proving that Finding Nemo was even more scary than we thought.

First hand accounts of underwater earthquakes are nerve-wracking.

While none of us may ever experience first-hand what an earthquake looks like underwater, a lot of people have. And like Jessica Read writes in an article for The Guardian, some of may never want to.

 “The vibration [of the quake] became so intense, I could feel it in my bones, and the sound turned into a deafening roar. I could see waterfalls of sand pouring over the coral, and on the sea floor, a few metres below us, cracks began forming and the sand was sucked down. That’s when I realised it was an earthquake. The noise was the sound of the Earth splintering open and grinding against itself.

That sounds both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Luckily, you don’t just have imagine this going down. You can watch an entire video!

This is not a drill!

Obviously there is a different level of danger when it comes to underwater earthquakes. You might not have buildings crumbling around you, but obviously debris and possible condition changes to visibility are a concern. Also, you may not know if the same earthquake impacted the land, as well! But no harm no foul in the recorded one above. Instead, we have this footage that can be used to study underwater earthquakes. And as our favorite blue fish would say — just keep swimming!