These Fuzzy Socks Are Infused With Aloe Vera, and Yes, They’re as Comfy as They Sound

I plan on living in them nonstop when the temperature drops.

I consider myself something of a fuzzy-sock connoisseur. Although I occasionally wear slippers around the house, my WFH uniform typically consists of an old T-shirt, bike shorts or sweatpants, and a pair of the comfiest socks I can find in my drawer (yes, I’m looking my best these days, thank you very much). Problem is, though, that most of my fuzzy socks are old—like, got-them-at-Target-sometime-in-high-school old—and really showing their age. I’ve known for a while that it’s time for an upgrade, but I’ve put off buying more due to a) laziness and b) worry that no new socks will ever be as comfy as my decade-old, extremely lived-in pairs.

But then I tried a pair from Earth Therapeutics, a natural health and beauty brand that makes products like lotions, sleep masks, massagers, and, apparently, socks. Not just any socks, though—I’m talking exceedingly fuzzy, deliciously warm, and ridiculously soft socks, which is basically the dream. According to the company’s site, its Aloe Plushies (of which I now have two pairs) are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, which continuously hydrate and moisturize your feet while you wear them. The Aloe Moisture Socks, meanwhile, do the same thing, while also promising to make you feel like you’ve just gotten a pedicure.


Aloe Moisture Socks by Earth Therapeutics, 2 Pack

Shop it Amazon

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks, 2 Pack

Shop it Amazon

Believe me when I say that my feet have never been comfier. All three pairs I have feel as soft as I imagine a cloud would—and I haven’t even tried massaging in a foot lotion before putting them on, like the brand suggests, for maximum smoothness. I’ve already found myself wearing these socks while laying in bed, working on the couch, and doing chores around the house; I can only imagine how much more use I’ll get out of them come wintertime.

I’m obsessed with these socks, and I highly encourage anyone who enjoys giving their feet a spa day without having to do any of the work (which is…everyone) to buy a pair of their own and follow in my footsteps. Pun intended.

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