No guys, the Earth is not about to explode

The New York Post reported a couple days ago that a ninth planet, a “killer planet,” had been discovered:

Well, if that isn’t panic-inducing, I don’t know what is. People, of course, have taken to Twitter to react — and luckily, their reactions are hilarious:

Before we induce wide-spread panic, here’s what we do know:

In January, the California Institute of Technology announced that they “have evidence of a new giant, icy planet in our solar system that is farther than Pluto, about two to four times the diameter of Earth and has an extremely large rotation of 10,000 to 20,000 Earth years around the Sun.” Some have labeled this planet Planet X.

Planet X, like all planets in our solar system, theoretically orbits the Sun. Planet X’s projected orbit puts it on a collision course with the Kupier Belt, a large group of asteroids beyond Neptune’s orbit, every 27 million years. When this occurs, the planet knocks several asteroids towards the inner solar system. These comets, in this theoretical scenario, could collide with Earth and other planets, causing massive destruction and even extinctions. Those that don’t collide would be vaporized, reducing the amount of sunlight reaching Earth. (Remember what happened to the dinosaurs?)

But here’s the good news: Although many high-powered telescopes are on the search for the planet, Planet 9 is still theorized, not confirmed. If it’s in our solar system, we can’t see it. Morever, old reliable Snopes contacted Daniel Whitmire, a scientist whose data is used in the bogus story and asked him, point blank, if they Earth might blow up next month. His response? “​No truth to the story at all. That’s quite impossible.”

So everyone calm down: This isn’t the movie ArmageddonWe have a lot more research to do before we start panicking.