The 11 Most Popular Piercings, From Septum to Helix

Get inspired to add to your face and ear candy.

As kids, a trip to the mall to get our ears pierced was a right of passage. Back then, earlobes were the most common spot to add some sparkle to our looks, with rebellious friends dabbling with their cartilage or belly buttons. Now, donning a plethora of piercings is about as commonplace as wearing winged eyeliner. Ears stacked with bling, noses marked with studs, and even nipple piercings are all the rage today among both celebrities and regular folk like us.

Thanks to professional piercers and celebs sharing photos of their fresh piercings on Instagram, we’re often inspired to rack up more of our own. If you’re torn about which piercing you want to add to your collection next or are looking for some sparkly inspo, we’re here to help. A study conducted by Jewellerybox found the world’s current top 50 favorite piercings based on searches and hashtags.

Below, read about the 11 most popular piercings in the world to help you choose one to tack onto your roster.

1. Septum piercing

Bella Thorne septum piercing

It’s no surprise that septum piercings rank number one in popularity today: The nose ring is worn by celebs like Bella Thorne, Zoë Kravitz, and Debby Ryan. The septum is a thin part of cartilage that runs down the center of your nose and separates your nostrils, so the piercing is on either side of the septum.

2. Daith piercing

The daith piercing is a hoop that hugs the cartilage on the inside of the ear, making a half-moon shape. It’s one of our favorite looks, TBH.

daith piercing

Small Hoop Daith Earring

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3. Nose piercing

Demi Lovato nose ring

Nose piercings are no longer just the rebellious thing your cool older sister did in high school—they’re currently the third most popular piercing in the world. Between studs like Demi Lovato’s 2012 choice above and rings on the side of the nostril, there are tons of options for nose piercings. Other celebs known for rocking nose rings include Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, and Zendaya.

4. Helix piercing

beyonce helix piercing

Although Beyoncé’s huge drop earrings might have taken center stage at the 2018 Grammys, we’re currently focusing on her dainty helix crawler. The helix is located on the upper part of the ear’s cartilage, and once it’s pierced, you can wear gemstone crawlers, small hoops, or studs. The options are endless.

helix ear crawler

14K Gold Curved Earring

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5. Standard lobe piercing

Kylie Jenner earrings

Of course, the common earlobe piercing still ranks in the top five most popular piercings. If you’re a piercings virgin, this is the perfect option for popping your cherry. Classic diamond studs like Kylie Jenner’s never go out of style.

diamond stud earrings

2ct Cubic Zirconia Earrings

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6. Tragus piercing

Lucy Hale tragus piercing

The tragus projects directly in front of the ear canal, and tragus piercings are an easy way to add extra interest to your ear candy. You can go the super subtle route with a small diamond like Lucy Hale’s or opt for a more eye-catching earring, like an evil eye.

7. Conch piercing

Rihanna conch piercing

Conch piercings refer to the hoop wrapping around the middle of the ear, like Rihanna’s gold choice above. These are super popular among celebs and can be imitated with ear cuffs if you’re nervous to get pierced.

small hoops conch piercing

Small Hoops

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8. Industrial piercing

An industrial piercing is the bar that passes through two parts of the ear. Although the diagonal direction in this image is the most common, an industrial piercing can be placed at any angle in the ear. We’ll admit: Industrial piercings look painful, but the edgy end result is likely worth it.

9. Surface tragus piercing

Although the tragus classifies as an ear piercing, the surface tragus is a different story. This piercing doesn’t pass through any cartilage but instead goes through the flesh adjacent to the tragus and shows two vertical beads right by the ear.

10. Snakebite piercing

Snakebite piercings sound painful, but they land at number 10 on the list of most popular piercings, so they must be worth the temporary discomfort. The snakebite piercing lies just under your bottom lip, not quite reaching the corners of your mouth.

11. Nipple piercing

bella hadid nipple piercing

One of the most straightforward piercings, nipple piercings are exactly what they sound like and can take on several forms, like bars and rings. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have shown off their nipple piercings over the years.

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