#EachBodyIsReady is our bikini season mantra this year

It’s springtime! We should all be making flower crowns for each other and dancing through fields together, and a maypole should definitely be twirled around at some point! Instead, during the spring months, the weight loss industry preys upon our insecurities, telling us that, “Summer is coming” with the same ominous tone that characters on Game of Thrones tell each other that winter is coming. We are told we have x number of months/weeks/days to get our bodies “ready” for summer, the beach, bikinis. Our insecurities are sinisterly preyed upon, and feeling like you have to lose weight NOW or you won’t be allowed to wear a bathing suit is a great way to suck all the fun out of spring.

Recently, as Look reports, the brand Protein World released a bright yellow advertisement featuring a hyper-toned model with the accompanying text, “Are you beach body ready?” People did NOT take kindly to what they perceived as body-shaming from the advertisement.  We spoke this weekend to two awesome bloggers Fiona Longmuir and Tara Costello who posed in their bikinis in front of these advertisements to prove that every body is beach body-worthy.

And now we have another awesome response to this problematic ad: the #EachBodysReady hashtag. Some people have been scratching out the letters of the advertisement “Are You Beach Body Ready?” to make it say “Each Body Ready,” while other’s are putting anonymous post-its with the message on the ad. The hashtag has naturally taken off on Twitter, sending the message to the brand behind the ad, and any other brands with similar messages, to keep their judgments to themselves.

We love this positive and powerful message. We don’t have to change our bodies in order to gain admittance to the beach/pool/lake/water slide/whatever. Every body is allowed to have fun this summer. Let’s stop making summer about a weight loss deadline and start making it about all the fun we’re going to have. #EachBodysReady for the win!!

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