E.l.f. Cosmetics and beauty vlogger Iris Beilin are coming out with a lip palette that is perfect for when you’re on-the-go

In the rare case that your lips are in extra need of some freshly sourced color and moisture, you need to look no further because the cosmetics brand E.l.f. and beauty vlogger Iris Beilin are releasing a lip palette you can kiss up to.

The brand new Mis Amores Lip Palette and Clutch will provide you with six new lipstick shades that were brainstormed between the inventive people at E.l.f Cosmetics and Iris Beilin’s vast breadth of makeup knowledge and techniques. What they produced, was nothing less than a delicious spread of complimentary lip colors. Of course, the beauty of the palette is that you can grab all six colors at once and keep them in one place. This was the thinking behind the bright pink beauty clutch included in the release.

While you can already view the palette on the E.l.f Cosmetics website, but it won’t be available for actual purchase until January 21st at E.l.f. Cosmetics brick and mortar stores, and January 24th online.

In the meantime, we can lurk on these bright colors.

Iris looks truly blissed out.

There is no doubt a sizable group of makeup lovers currently freaking out with anticipation.

January 24th can’t come soon enough!

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