I Have Naturally Textured Hair and the Dyson Straightener Works for Me

The plates form to the shape your hair, which prevents hair damage.

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My job entails covering and trying new beauty launches, but I’m not typically one to get excited over hot tools. As someone with natural hair, I know that most of the new and “cool” hot tools created by major haircare brands aren’t made for women with hair like mine. However, when Dyson announced its cordless and very expensive straightener, I was intrigued. The brand has a proven track record of creating tools that work for naturals, so I was very excited to test out the Dyson Corrale (a 2021 Beauty Crush Award winner).

I was drawn to the flat iron because of its flexible plates. The majority of straighteners on the market have heated plates that don’t move, therefore, hair is tugged at high heat, which can cause damage to the hair shaft. However, with the new Dyson technology, the plates form to the shape of hair inserted, preventing damage to curls and allowing for larger sections to be straightened.

dyson corrale reviewdyson corrale review

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

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The plates on the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener help cut down my styling time, which is huge for me because as someone with super thick hair, anything that saves my arms from an hour of pain is something I’ll love. However, with the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener, that time never exceeds 30 minutes. Even better, it makes for easy curling after straightening.

As impressed as I initially was, the real moment of truth came when I rewashed my hair. I was worried if my curls would pop right back, or if they’d be limp and require longer conditioning than usual. Much to my surprise, my curls began to form almost immediately upon contact with water—yay!

Overall, I’d give the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener a 9/10. Not only is it super high-tech with cordless technology—making it great for hair touch-ups on-the-go—but it actually works. And while, yes, it boasts a $500 price, think of it like this: When it comes to your hair, isn’t health something you shouldn’t put a price tag on? Invest in yourself.

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