Dylan Sprouse took a selfie with KJ Apa and brother Cole, realized they look like *another* famous trio

If there are two things we’re into, it’s brothers who love to roast each other and the Powerpuff Girls. Which is why we were totally delighted to see this Dylan Sprouse’s selfie with KJ Apa and his brother Cole, in which Dylan jokes that their hair colors are pretty similar to our favorite animated heroes.

For some context, KJ and Cole were hanging out backstage waiting to appear on the the The Tonight Show. The show tapes in New York City, so Dylan, who lives in the bBig Apple, popped by to join the fun. And make this hilarious Instagram Story about how they look like the Powerpuff Girls, obvs.


Um, can we make this Powerpuff thing happen?

In case you’re having trouble recalling, it appears that Cole is Buttercup, KJ is Blossom, and Dylan is Bubbles in this equation.

You can really see the resemblance, right?

And Archie and Jughead weren’t the only Riverdale castmates stopping by the show last night — audiences were treated to a group interview with Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl Blossom, too (who let’s be real, could also call themselves the Powerpuff Girls should they be so inclined). Check it out:


And yes, this did partake in a “milkshake” challenge with Jimmy…however did you know?


We don’t know what we love more: the fact that the cast genuinely seems to gel so well, or that Jimmy Fallon — a decidedly adult man — is clearly such a Riverdale super-fan.

What we do know is that we absolutely can’t wait for Season 2 of the show to premiere on October 11th. And of course, any and all twin-brotherly social media roasts are always more than welcome (hint, hint, Dylan).