Cole Sprouse posted a romantic message to Lili Reinhart for V-Day, and Dylan Sprouse roasted him like only a sibling can

One of the only things cuter than Jughead and Betty’s enduring romance on Riverdale is the real-life love story between actors Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. The couple took to Instagram Valentine’s Day 2019 to honor one another with sweet photos and posts—and naturally, Dylan Sprouse also had something to say about it (because…brothers). Cole shared a photo he took of Lili in which she’s wearing a red coat and scarf, her nose pink from the cold. “Quite actually the only thing keeping me sane is @lilireinhart,” he wrote.

While fans of the actor were delighted by the tribute, Dylan saw his opportunity, and he took it.

"Rude," he shot back.

Lol. Don’t worry, Dylan. We’re sure Cole has lots of love for you, too, dude. And for her part, Lili kept her words to Cole short and sweet. “You make me very happy,” she wrote along with a selfie of the two smiling at each other. “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

And of course, Dylan had his own Valentine’s Day words to share with girlfriend Barbara Palvin. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” he wrote with a photo of the two posing together, looking tres chic. “Going to be off social media and phone the rest of the day with the missus. Also, thanks @boss for letting us snuggle up and be weird at the show yesterday.”

Cole has yet to roast Dylan back. Don’t worry, though—we’ll be sure to update you when it inevitably happens.

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