The internet just realized that Dylan Sprouse looks like an infamous “Degrassi” character

You probably remember Dylan Sprouse from his role on the Disney Channel’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but did you know he also starred as the guy who put Jimmy in a wheelchair on Degrassi: The Next Generation?

No? Okay, okay, so neither Sprouse twin appeared on Degrassi, but the internet just realized that Dylan looks just like the character who shot Jimmy and the resemblance is uncanny.

Quick Degrassi refresher: Drake got his humble beginnings starring in the long-running Canadian show, in which he appeared as Jimmy Brooks, more commonly known as Wheelchair Jimmy. As the story goes, he was in a wheelchair after being shot by a fellow classmate named Rick, who had been kicked out of school for a year for abusing his girlfriend Teri (in a truly horrific series of events). All caught up? Good.

Degrassi has long been applauded for never shying away from topics like bullying, domestic abuse, and gun violence, and the Jimmy-Rick storyline is a great example. And even though fans joke about the story because Drake is now such a ~mega star rapper~, it’s still worth commending the show for approaching such tough topics head-on.

And in an inadvertent and weird way, Dylan’s latest photo shoot for 1990 Magazine, which launches October 1st, reveals that he looks just like the infamous Rick. Yes, fans are cracking up.

In a Western-themed series of shots, Dylan can be seen posing in the grass and wearing tucked-in collared shirts. The photos are gorgeous, but fans were quick to notice how much he looks like Rick. false

The long hair. The glasses. The moody pout. It’s uncanny.

Dylan himself even saw the resemblance to the Degrassi character, and retweeted the post to his 3.85 million followers. It’s the best/wackiest thing we’ve seen on the internet today…so far, of course.