Dylan Sprouse has the only dating advice you’ll ever need

Pre-Riverdale, both Sprouse twins had taken a little break from acting — but they never fully stepped out of the spotlight. Cole and Dylan are constantly going viral on Twitter with their sibling rivalry, their disdain for their soccer movie Just For Kicks, and incredible throwback photos featuring Lil Kim. But while Cole has returned to acting as Jughead Jones, Dylan has pursued a different path.

Dylan Sprouse is now a total love guru.

Well, kind of. He probably doesn’t do it professionally, but he did just share some of the most inspiring romantic advice we’ve ever heard. See for yourself.


In case that photo doesn’t show up — Dylan’s got a habit of deleting things; his Instagram bio states, “No photos are permanent,” after all — we’ll explain.

It’s a shot from Instagram of Dylan Sprouse in all his long-haired glory gazing quite lovingly at a dwarf English bulldog named Magnus. And the caption?

"Get a man who looks at you the way I look at Magnus."

Truly wise words.

Because Dylan seems to love Magnus a whole h*ckin’ lot.

And any potential partner should love you exactly that much — but in a different way, obviously. Loving your dog and loving your partner are different… but you should adore both with your whole heart.

And it’s hard not to adore Magnus. Just look at him.

Dylan and Magnus might be one of the cutest duos we’ve set eyes on (don’t tell Cole he’s out).

With cuddles like this, how could anyone compete?

But, real talk: Dylan’s obviously not a love guru full time. He’s not even technically a professional dog-dad (though he could definitely go pro). He’s actually opening a micro-meadery and bar that you’ll be able to check out this summer.

Here he is just getting his start last February.

He hung out with honey in November.

Signed his lease on one of the last few days of 2016.

And, earlier this month, he got to start bringing people in.

And Magnus has been helping, of course.

But Dylan can probably still find the time to hock romantic tips on the side. After all, he’s pretty great at it.

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