Dylan Sprouse just hilariously called out his brother on Twitter

It’s hard to be siblings if you’re both in the spotlight, but luckily twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse have found a way to share the limelight: by hilariously bantering on Twitter. This isn’t the first time the two have poked fun of each other on social media, but it might just be the most LOL-worthy.

It looks like Cole Sprouse modeled for a few photos, so naturally, he Tweeted some of his favorite shots.

But that’s not all. The photos also appeared all over Instagram:

Lookin’ good, Cole! With every picture that appeared, we got a glimpse of the former Disney star’s totally underappreciated modeling chops. But after a certain point, his brother Dylan had had enough:

Unperturbed, Cole responded in the best way possible:

The two clearly have an amazing relationship, and we’re just glad we get to see every hilarious moment of it on Twitter. We certainly don’t mind Cole posting a ton of pics, but we love playful sibling rivalry even more.

(Image via Instagram)

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