Dylan Minette from “13 Reasons Why” released a song and it’s exactly what Clay would play for Hannah

We’ve been hearing a lot about Netflix’s latest hit, 13 Reasons Why, but we did not know that one of the stars, Dylan Minette, has a band (and that they just dropped their first single). Although according to the show’s other stars, Dylan Minette is as much of a sweetheart as the character he plays in the show (aka, Clay Jensen). Dylan is clearly cooler than his fictional counterpart because let’s be real…Clay is totally lovely, but the idea of him being in a band that’s more than something silly in someone’s garage is pretty comical.

Dylan’s band is called Wallow, and he started it with two of his friends. Their first single is called “Pleaser” and… it’s about a guy with an unrequited crush. Need we say more?


We’re pretty excited always when we hear that our faves from film and TV are doing new cool, creative projects. But the thing is, the song is actually pretty great? There’s a definite ~nostalgic~ feel to anything set in high school for those of us who are past our school days, and so the song seems even more suited to 13 Reasons Why because it’s got the same sort of feel that those of us who grew up when Yellowcard and Blink 182 were the height of cool.

Give Dylan’s new track a listen below — we don’t think you’ll regret it.

BBL, we’re just going to sit around and listen to this song while imagining a slightly cooler version of Clay playing it for Hannah and circumventing all of the sad stuff that happens later in the series…

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