Dylan Farrow called out the “New York Times” columnist who thinks she made up her allegations against Woody Allen

As a result of Time’s Up — a movement throughout Hollywood to hold sexual abuse perpetrators responsible for their actions — Woody Allen’s seedy past has resurfaced. (Not that it ever went anywhere.) Four years after she penned an emotional letter detailing her account of sexual assault, Dylan Farrow is still trying to prove Allen’s guilt. But for some reason, people are making it extremely difficult for her. Diane Keaton is still defending Allen. And some, like Alec Baldwin, have taken things way too far by tweeting unacceptable things about Farrow.

On Friday, February 9th, New York Times op-ed columnist Bret Stephens published a story called “The Smearing of Woody Allen.” And it’s extremely problematic. Stephens claims that accusing Allen of being a molester without excessive evidence is wrong. Many people reacted negatively, including Dylan Farrow herself. She quickly jumped into the Twitter fray to point out the flaws in the opinion piece.

“If @BretStephensNYT is interested, there is much more information he can find on my case than what he cites in his piece, some of which I have posted here,” Dylan Farrow tweeted. “To presume I invented this story & convinced myself of it is no less insulting than calling me a liar. I’ve consistently stated the truth for 25 years, I won’t stop now. It’s Stephens’ right to doubt me if he so chooses but his incredulity doesn’t change what happened that day. What it does do is make it harder for the next victim to come forward.”

Canada-based PhD student Kim Sauder also raised some problems with the op-ed.

Sauder pointed out that Stephens compares Allen to Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. The difference, according to Stephens, is that Weinstein and Spacey were proven guilty with facts, not allegations. But Sauder says that neither were tried or proven guilty. So what’s the difference here?

Others highlight a glaringly disturbing line in the op-ed that compares Allen to Larry Nassar in order to exonerate Allen.

It should not be this hard to believe Dylan Farrow. Period.

Perhaps Jessica Chastain said it best:

Hopefully, time will be up for Woody Allen soon. We believe and support you, Dylan.

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