Here’s a first look at The Rock singing a Lin-Manuel Miranda song from “Moana”

Is there anything The Rock can’t do?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is at it again, posting fun Instagram videos, but this time he is showing off his musical chops.

The 44-year-old actor is always sharing moments from his different movie sets, including a behind-the-scenes video of the upcoming Jumanji film in the jungle, but his newest Instagram post is all about the music.

Johnson is very talented, has proven he can be more than a world-class wrestler through his work on TV and film, and now he’s taking a stab at the musical world and we’re pretty impressed with the result.

On Monday, Johnson posted a clip from Disney’s newest animated movie, Moana, with his character Maui singing. Yes, you’re about to hear The Rock’s musical voice and trust us when we say it’s surprisingly great.

"We just doin' a little sanging over here or as we say in the streets, 'I'm spittin' that fire bruh!'🎤🔥," Johnson captioned the animated singing clip.

"A blast collaborating with the musical genius himself and my Puerto Rican twin Lin-Manuel Miranda. Too much fun! #YoureWelcome #MoanaMondays 🌊🎼," he added.

While hearing The Rock sing is a little unexpected, we love the song — and Johnson’s vocals — from Moana, which is called “You’re Welcome.” Johnson’s voice is both charming and soothing and a little on the playful side, which we really like.

The catchy and upbeat tune was written by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is working on more than one musical Disney project right now. Both Miranda and Johnson enjoy singing — sometimes together — and even did a duet from Beauty and the Beast together in the past.

Even though The Rock hasn’t sung in a movie before, he has performed a few songs in his lifetime. In fact, we’re still freaking out over his Sam Cooke rendition of “You Send Me” that he performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2010. Check it out below.

Moana is set to hit theaters November 23.

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