Dwayne Johnson just shared his yearbook photo, and the dude could rock a ‘stache

We know Dwayne Johnson as an action hero, ultra-talented actor, and all around nice guy. He’s also known for a certain look – a certain lack of something on his head and face. Yep, that something is hair!  But The Rock with facial hair? Now, that’s something we would pay to see. Luckily, we don’t have to. The mega-star released a photo of his 16-year-old self on Instagram. We can’t get over what we’re seeing.

The moustache is everything!

Is it just us or does he look 30 in this photo?

According to his caption, Dwanye Johnson was already 6’4” and 225 pounds at only sixteen years of age. He was already into some pretty heavy stuff as a teenager. As the caption further states, he was “hustlin’ cars from crackheads and hanging out in dive bars. Wowza! He then goes on to tell us how grateful he is for how his life has turned out. See, there’s that good guy big-heartedness that we’ve come to know and love about him.

He also released this photo of himself on Facebook. Another throwback.

Hair! On his head! A silver earring. A silver chain. A fanny pack. Is this the same Dwayne Johnson that graces our screens? And what about that black turtleneck? Was he channeling the infamous Apple creator or making a fashion statement? Either way, we are digging these small and fascinating insights into one of our favorite film and television star.

The Rock’s most recent film, Baywatch, hit theaters this Friday. Unfortunately, the film hasn’t been met with the most positive of reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a mere 19%. The criticism doesn’t seem to faze the actor. He knows critics and audiences won’t always agree on what’s best or what’s most entertaining. false

We gotta love him for his positive vibes. Thanks for taking us back in time, Dwayne. You rock a ‘stache like no other.