Dwayne Johnson explains what he’d do if he was president, and we’d totally vote for him like, today

The Rock is open to being president and yaaas! Dwayne Johnson explained what he’d do as president, and we want to vote for him right now.

The Baywatch actor is GQ’s June cover star, and we are totally here for it. During his interview with the magazine, things got political for a moment and Johnson somehow laid out what his presidential plans would be.

Even if he isn’t actually thinking about running for president, we like the sound of “The Rock, President of the United States!”

"With any job you come into, you've got to prove yourself," Johnson told GQ when asked about his thoughts on President Trump.

Despite keeping it tight-lipped on his political views, The Fate of the Furious actor did reveal what he would do if he was in charge of the Oval Office.

“Personally, I feel that if I were president, poise would be important. Leadership would be important,” the actor explained. “Taking responsibility for everybody. [If I didn’t agree with someone] on something, I wouldn’t shut them out. I would actually include them.”

“The first thing we’d do is we’d come and sit down and we’d talk about it,” he added.

Sounds like a good idea, right?

When asked if he would seriously run for office, he replied, “I think that it’s a real possibility.” He added that he doesn’t believe in the muslim ban and considers himself a feminist.

If Johnson were to run for president at some point he already has two votes — not including ours. Both NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer and producer Beau Flynn are big fans of this idea.

“[I] would vote for him without a question,” Meyer told the publication. “If [becoming the president] is something he focused on, he probably would accomplish it. I think there’s nothing that he couldn’t do.”

Flynn agreed with this sentiment and said the actor would “100 percent” win if he ran.

“I have no doubt. His level of commitment and his care for people would translate immediately,” Flynn explained. “If he looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I want to build a campaign. I want to run for the president of the United States,’ done, and you can lock it.”

We are sold! Johnson for president 2020! You can read more about his hypothetical presidential run, here.