Dwayne Johnson gushes about his daughter and dog on “Ellen” because cuteness

Sometimes the handsomest, most muscular, most badass celebs don’t get to show their softer side. In films, they’re often punching or shooting, so it’s nice when we see one of them being sweet. For example, the massively muscular Dwayne Johnson gushed to Ellen about his daughter and dog, and we totally melted.

We know Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from his wrestling career as well as from his action packed movies like The Fast and the Furious franchise and Central Intelligence. Now, Dwayne’s making the rounds promoting the new Disney animated film, Moana. While Dwayne’s character Maui is still a kick ass demigod, he also sings in the movie. Dwayne is really proving his awesome range.

We were glad to see Dwayne Johnson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, gushing over his adorable daughter and dog.

Dwayne’s soft side makes us grin from ear to ear. Dwayne talks about his 11-month-old daughter Jasmine, and her favorite game, which is drumming on her daddy’s head.

Baby Jasmine definitely has some percussion instincts in this video.

That is just too adorable seeing how that little girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger.

Dwayne also told Ellen about his adorable dog, Hobbs.

Of course, Hobbs is named after Dwayne’s awesome character in The Fast and the Furious movies. Just look at that sweet face.

Dwayne told Ellen, "I have a house full of women, and that's my guy."

Those two definitely look like two peas in a pod!

Dwayne even showed Ellen this photo of the two of them that is too precious.

We may just have to give up on cuteness after that, because we’re pretty sure nothing can top it. Dwayne clearly ~rocks~ at being a dad both to his little baby and his pup, and that’s awesome.

But he still won’t let us forget that he’s a badass.

Don’t worry, Dwayne. We won’t tell anyone you’re actually a big ‘ol softie!

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