How come we never knew that Dustin from “Stranger Things” is a secret Broadway star?!

As if the kids behind Stranger Things couldn’t get more adorable. First, they have amazingly awesome Instagram accounts that shows their friendship extends beyond the camera lens. Then we learn that Millie Bobby Brown has quite the set of pipes on her. Well, it seems Millie isn’t the only cast mate who can sing: Gaten Matarazzo (who plays quirky Dustin) can, too!

In the footage above, he sings Les Miserables’ “All For The Best” and crushes it. How was he not cast in Glee?

Of course, Dustin was singing way before his turn on Stranger Things. Below is a video from 2014, where he sings “Bring Him Home,” also from Les Miserables. (We’re sensing a musical preference, here.)

For such a small kid, he sure can carry a tune! We knew he was talented, but we had no idea he was musical, as well. Maybe he’ll get a chance to show off his musical chops in the next season of Stranger Things? A girl can dream.


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