Step aside, PSL. Dunkin’ Donuts has got our new favorite pumpkin drink this fall

Here are three words that officially mean it’s fall: pumpkin flavored everything. Now how about three words to get you ridiculously excited for your morning Dunkin’ Donuts run: pumpkin flavored macchiato. Guys, it’s happening.

Soon, your friendly neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts will be brewing up delicious hot and iced macchiatos. A macchiato, for those not up on their coffee jargon, is an espresso coffee with milk. You’ve totally seen one before, because they’re those layered iced coffee drinks, that appear to have the milk on the bottom, the coffee on top, seemingly split in half. The drink itself is halfway between regular coffee and espresso, so it’ll give you the jolt you need in the morning, without giving you too much jolt.

And now, this delicious PUMPKIN macchiato can be yours.

“As we’ve continued our steady and strategic growth, we’ve had great success expanding our coffee platforms with innovative addition,” to Chris Fuqua, Vice President, Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Marketing & Global Consumer Insights & Product Innovation explained in the press release. “Macchiato, our newest handcrafted espresso beverage, provides our guests with yet another exciting coffee choice to enjoy any time of day.”

The macchiato is now a permanent addition to the Dunkin’ menu, and what better way to start than with pumpkin? It’ll be available through the Fall . . . but what about Winter? Spring? What macchiato are we supposed to drink in the Summer? DD is actually one step ahead of us, and plans to roll out brand new macchiato flavors throughout the year, corresponding to each season (the same way they roll out seasonal coffee flavors). However, if you want a different flavor right now, that’s actually possible: you can add any current coffee flavor to the mix to customize your beverage.

If you’re someone who likes your macchiato (or just straight coffee) with something to eat, Dunkin’ has you covered there, too. How’d you like to take a bite out of a Snickerdoodle Croissant Donut? I know that sounds like three things that really shouldn’t be mixed together, but surprisingly, the combination works — especially due to the sweet Snickerdoodle filling inside that tastes just like a delicious, sweet and cinnamon-y cookie. You need to eat one of these like, now.

The Pumpkin Macchiato will be available by September 28th everywhere (if not sooner), and the Snickerdoodle Croissant Donut will come our way in November. Looks like this Fall we’ll be spending a lot of time running on Dunkin’.

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[Images via Dunkin’ Donuts and Shutterstock]