Dunkin Donuts is bringing Pumpkin spice latte season back FIRST

Friends, Romans, Countrymen — it’s that time of year again. Soon temperatures will start dropping, leaves will start changing, and Halloween stores will start popping up in every strip mall known to womankind. It’s nearly fall, and while there are ninety-nine reasons to look forward to the season, our number one is always the same. Pumpkin spice everything is coming soon to tastebuds near you.


Such autumnal delights as pumpkin spice Peeps, pumpkin spice Cheerios, and even pumpkin spice hair color are already making their way into our hearts, but the most anticipated pumpkin spice even of any year happens in coffee shops.


When will Starbucks bring back their famed pumpkin spice latte? (Answer: we don’t know yet! But last year it was September 8th.) When will McDonald’s start selling their first pumpkin-flavored beverages in three years? (Answer: August 31st!)

But the real question is — where can we get our pumpkin fix first?

Answer? The ever-reliable Dunkin Donuts. And we are so ready.

According to a product release on Dunkin’s website, Dunkin Donuts plans to have their line of pumpkin spice fall-in-a-cup drinks available nationwide no later than August 29th.

That’s right, folks. Dunkin Donuts is doing us all a solid and rolling the fall flavors out early. They’ll have pumpkin flavored lattes, coffee blends, and macchiatos. Iced or hot. According to Dunkin’s press release:

“In addition to classic pumpkin, Dunkin’ Donuts will offer a new way for coffee lovers to satisfy cravings for fall flavors, introducing Salted Caramel flavored coffee, lattes and macchiatos.”

That’s almost too many options to handle, but wait, there’s more. Because it’s Dunkin Donuts, even some pumpkin-flavored donuts, munchkins, and muffins.


So if you’re jonesing for your fall fix a little early, Dunkin Donuts is the place to be. T-6 days until Fall really begins!


We’re with you, Dancing Pumpkin Man. We’re with you.

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