Dunkin’ Donuts is now involved in the whole Starbucks holiday cup debate

If you’ve taken a peek at social media lately, you’ve likely noticed that there’s been quite the controversy over the new holiday Starbucks cups. This year, the cup is simply red ombre, with the classic green emblem over top; still Christmas-y — red and green, after all — but sans flashy snowflakes or holiday greetings.

The classic red cup is something that marks the start of Christmas for thousands of Starbucks fans, but its simple design this year has divided the Internet, with some saying it’s too plain without any Christmas spirit, others claiming they like the simplicity, and still others saying, “Hey, as long as I get my coffee, I’m happy.” But now, just days after the Starbucks Christmas Controversy of 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts has released its holiday cup design, and it’s quite Christmassy indeed: Red and green all over, with “Joy” written in big cursive letters in the middle of holly-like holiday patterns.

The controversy keeps on brewin’ (pun totally intended) with many taking to social media to compare the Dunkin’ cup to the red Starbucks cup.

So was this a reaction to the Starbucks design — and perhaps a way to cash in on the backlash? In a statement to Fox 5, Dunkin’ Brands VP Scott Hudler said no:

Well, at least those who are offended by Starbucks’ design choices this year have a brand to go to, if it bothers them oh-so-much. Either way, both Dunkin’ and Starbucks have released their cups, and you guys know what that means: The holidays are almost here! Let’s go get some coffee to celebrate.

(Images via Instagram, Twitter.)

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