Dunkin Donuts just dropped a new hot chocolate flavor for Halloween, but TBH this feels perfect for Christmas

Well friends, the leaves are changing, Hocus Pocus is officially back in our lives, and it’s finally time to say goodbye to iced coffee, because at long last, fall has arrived.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to think costumes and treats. Though you’re on your own when it comes to costumes, Dunkin Donuts is coming in clutch with some spectacular seasonal treats. When you’re inevitably put on trick or treat duty — whether you’re chaperoning the little superhero in your life or answering the door for four hours straight — you’ll need the Almond Joy Hot Chocolate to keep you company.

The drink, which comes hot or cold, is the perfect infusion of milk chocolate, almond and coconut flavors. While, we definitely picture ourselves drinking this new hot chocolate during a snowstorm, we need this in our lives right now.

But Dunkin Donuts knows how to get into the Halloween spirit — it is a Massachusetts-based company, after all — so it’s also giving your favorite donuts a Halloween update. Forget about your regular old jelly donut because now, with a spooky upgrade it’s become Vampire’s Delight. Similarly, powder donuts are now Full moon, complete with orange powdered sugar.

Even the glazed donut has gotten a fun monster-themed change called Goulish Glazed. The Boston Kreme Donut, which is scary enough on it’s own, comes with a fun new decoration and a name: Boston Scream Donut. We’re sure the Sanderson sisters are going to be popping into their local Salem Dunkin’ to get their hands on a dozen or two.

While we’ll be drinking the Almond Joy Hot Chocolate as the weather turns even colder, we’re really hoping Dunkin Donuts keeps the flavor in stock all winter long.