Here’s how you can get super cheap Dunkin’ Donuts coffee next week

Are you ready for this? We know you think you are, but this is the sort of thing that would give Lorelai Gilmore a heart-attack, so maybe you should prepare yourself.

If you want to get your hands on a medium Dunkin’ Donuts coffee next Thursday for only $0.66, all you have to do is… ASK FOR IT.


Sidenote: please don’t do the above with your coffee, friends. Please. We know it’s exciting, but hold it together, yeah?

Anyway, it really is that easy! Thursday, September 29th is National Coffee Day, and so to celebrate a sixty-six year history of giving you your caffeine fix cheaper and faster than anyone else, Dunkin Donuts will offer a medium-sized cup of Dunkin’s signature hot coffee for just $0.66. We know, it’s basically a dream come true.


To add to that killer deal, Dunkin’ will also offer a National Coffee Day geofilter at all US locations next Thursday.

Condolences to any of our readers across the pond, but we’re definitely looking forward to showing up at Dunkin’ Donuts to get our incredibly cheap and delicious hot coffee and then snapchatting a pic with our SUPER EXCLUSIVE Dunkin’ Donuts geofilter.

National Coffee Day is officially making the list of ‘favorite holidays ever’. We’re going to be living the best possible version of our lives — caffeinated and thrifty.